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Protection Against Economic Losses Due to Violence

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Two Levels of Coverage:

Basic Coverage: Homicide Offenses + Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter

Premium Coverage: Homicide + Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter AND Assault Offenses

A Different Kind of Supplemental Insurance.

Parametric Shield was designed specifically to protect small businesses from the economic interruption and effect violent crime can have on a business. Protect yourself from commonly uninsurable situations with a new kind of insurance product, designed just for busines owners


No Claims Adjustment


No Deductible


Fast Access to Cash

Unlike your traditional liability coverage, Parametric Shield payments can be used for any aspect of your business, not only the claimed loss. This means business owners can cover payroll, unanticipated costs due to an incident, or to improve their security after a qualifying event occurs.

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Protection from Violent Crime Incidents

Parametric Shield covers a protective radius around your business – 250 to 700 feet. If a violent crime occurs in this radius, your coverage triggers – no claims adjustment necessary – and gives you fast access to working capital. Parametric Shield works as a supplement to your existing liability policy and covers many items that are not commonly covered by that policy.

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How It Works

The cost is based on your business location, pre-agreed upon payment amount, and the size of the radius of protection that you choose. When a qualified triggering event occurs within your radius of protection as soon as the incident is published on the police department database you receive the pre-agreed upon payment amount.

Once a qualifying incident occurs, Parametric Shield coverage will trigger, and business owners recieve payment within 14 days.

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Powered By Data

To trigger coverage from Parametric Shield, a qualifying event will be reported by local authorities and picked up by our Skyline’s INSDEX index technology and is instantly picked up to activate your coverage.

What’s Covered

Protection against active assailant events and more.


Increase in Employee Turnover after Violent Crime occurs at workplace


in lost wages and productivity following Gun Violence


Payout once Violent Crime has been verified by local authorities